Her skin, 

Lost in the warmth of it,

Tangled in the softness of her lips.

Driven wild as her fingertips kiss my every nerve ending.

His eyes,

Mad for those radiant pools,

Gazing at me like stars peering down on the city from night skies.

Chiseled cheek in my hand, all else melts.

It’s not a preference, not a choice,

Born to love both – 

Equal, different, embeded in my existence.



Existential thoughts rise at 3am, 

Creeps in through the bedroom window with the cold air,

Memories spin vivid like television flashbacks,

Count each drop of blood, each tear, each moment sulking in the bathtub,

It was what it was

You are still you and you are here now,

So what will it be?

What If the Sea Was Empty?

don’t you miss getting piss-drunk in the evenings, then losing your mind to delirium?
inside/outside of reality at the same time.
did any of it mean anything,
if we were simply swimming in between increased serotonin and neutrality?
all of those choices…

what if the sea was empty?
and the sky, the land, every memory – all part of a vast dream?
je pense, donc je suis.
take cover, take a credit,
take it one step at a time.